Is keith olbermann dating

The fat lady is doing more than singing for Keith Olbermann.

And, like most of the other women in the life of MS-NBC's premiere leftist sexist, she's not interested in dating him.

First there was this story in October: A BROWN-haired beauty who claims she had an unsatisfying one-night stand with Keith Olbermann is getting her sweet revenge – she’s launched a blog to warn other women about the acerbic MSNBC commentator’s boorish bedroom habits. and I want him to feel some remorse for what he’s done . And I don’t think he understands the damage he’s caused.” Sounds like every other single guy to me. …when “sexual activity began [in] less than an hour,” Olbermann had difficulty.

The bitter babe, who calls herself Karma Bites1, says she doesn’t want others “to fall into the same trap . “I pretended he knew what he was doing,” the embittered blogger writes. I didn’t want him to think he was a dud in bed,” so she faked experiencing ecstasy.

Tur said that Katy has not spoken to her since she made the decision to transition, and that their last call happened after Tur nearly lost her life and had to be hospitalized following a sudden heart attack while she was out hiking alone with her dog. It’s the conservatism that she’s forced to endure.'She went on to say that her daughter's reaction is 'not unusual,' and claimed that she was a huge influence in Katy's life and the reason she got into journalism, making it that much harder when she heard the news.

In sports broadcasting, where Olbermann worked for twenty years, the phrase -- picked up from opera -- signifies the end of the game, the last minutes when hope of revival is past and fans head for the exits.

In your weaponized Wednesday media column: Brian Stelter forms a media power couple, the NYT's Week in Review revamp approaches, Keith Olbermann's childishness cataloged, Lloyd Grove lurches drunkenly, and the NY Daily News gets new offices.

Katy Tur is happily giddy in love with her boyfriend these days. We have heard that they might be getting married soon.

I date guys, you know, and they have to be strong guys because they have to be willing to put up with the teasing and the threats and the insults of men that are far weaker. Tur alleges that Simpson's savings were decreasing and he was about to lose his highly lucrative Hertz deal after close to 20 years working with the rental car brand around this time, while also having to start paying out child support for his two young children.'Ask any divorced man paying alimony and they'll say it's spousal abuse, it's they can't support themselves.

As for her own dating life these days, Tur did not hold back, speaking about the 'most wonderful lesbian relationship' she had with a woman that was destroyed Tur was not allowed to attend her father's funeral. And how many of those people would openly say, "It would be better if she just went away,"' said Tur.


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