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The master is down and tucked behind the kitchen for added privacy.Citizens' Bank is proud to hire local employees that serve your banking needs every day.When you need a loan or have questions about your bank account, you're met by the smiling faces of your neighbors.It can also include chronemics (the use of time) and oculesics (eye contact and the actions of looking while talking and listening, frequency of glances, patterns of fixation, pupil dilation, and blink rate).Just as speech contains nonverbal elements known as paralanguage, including voice quality, rate, pitch, volume, and speaking style, as well as prosodic features such as rhythm, intonation, and stress, so written texts have nonverbal elements such as handwriting style, spatial arrangement of words, or the physical layout of a page.Here is an article about the true events involving the murder:"According to historical newspaper accounts, the body of Kathleen Smiley was found tied to a tree near the abandoned Lincoln Academy, by a local citizen. Later after the body was removed Rural Police returned, (because of a report of a burning vehicle at the scene of the crime) and found Miss Smiley`s red Volkswagen burning 75 ft from where her body was found.


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