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It is widely recognised that single agencies cannot tackle ASB alone and must work in partnership to address the issues.

Issues that can be considered as ASB include: Alliance Support Coaching (ASC) is a new service for people in Surrey experiencing anti-social behaviour or difficulties with neighbours.

Driven to the police station in Hastings, East Sussex, Mr Simou was locked in a cell for seven hours before finally being interviewed.‘The first thing I asked was: “Why am I here?The service offers one-to-one coaching sessions for people suffering because of anti-social behaviour, providing a listening ear, supporting people to develop coping strategies and signposting them to other sources of support.The Alliance of Surrey Mediation Services Community Mediation helps you to resolve conflict by finding a solution and reaching an agreement.The phrase Anti-Social Behaviour takes in a range of nuisances, disorder and crimes which affects people’s lives on a daily basis.It looks different and feels different in every area and to every victim.Retiring to the barn in his back garden, Terry Simou spent an hour fine-tuning his musical repertoire ahead of a forthcoming gig in the village pub.


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