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I don't even own a vibrator, let alone use one Of all the women in the UK, 80 per cent own a vibrator and 55 per cent use one regularly.

Like Meyers on Facebook to learn how to identify when you or your mate is cyber cheating and what you can do to rebuild your relationship.More » Did you know that a new study found that checking Facebook and Twitter might be more tempting and addicting than sex and cigarettes?If you “like” the Sex Facts of Life Facebook page you will learn sex facts, tips and statistics like this in a hilarious and fascinating way.Savage is known for a lot of things including standing up for AIDS awareness, safe sex, gay rights and co-founding the “It Gets Better” project. Debby Herbenick is an Indiana University sex researcher and the founder of a leading sexual education, health and information resource.The Facebook page offers content related to sex, sexual health and relationships to educate and entertain you.A total of 55 per cent of women watch some kind of erotica once a month, 40 per cent watch porn weekly and 96 per cent have watched it with a partner at some point, she says.


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